Mondelez Week 2

Week 2 and Mondelez was great. I learned a lot more about order writing, delivery, and merchandising. I have been working with a guy named Alan, who is a sales representative in Grand Rapids. He is a great guy and works hard at what he does, but I have decided I would never want to do what he does for a career. It’s just too basic for me. He does a TON of shelf stocking, mixed with writing orders and keeping track of the product’s sales in a specific store. It is just something I can’t see myself doing in my future. I am learning about how to do it now because he is the last step of the product’s production before the customer gets their hand on it-which is crucial to the sale of the item. Even though it is rough work some of the time, I am learning a lot about hour products and where and why they actually sell.

I am excited that I get to shadow many other people besides Alan, such as people in the marketing and logistics fields. This upcoming week, I get to travel to Traverse City for the week and see what our territory is like up there. We will get our stores ready for the Fourth of July, our largest sales holiday for the year in Northern Michigan. Looking forward to it and learning a new part of the job!


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