Week 5:Smithfield Production Division

This week began with auditing. I audited a farm on Monday and a farm on Thursday. The Farm on Monday was a Farrowing farm, and the farm in Thursday was a Finisher. Both farms are very different but have the sample principles like animal wellbeing, biosecurity and other things. Since I began my internship on a Farrowing farm I understood how the breeding, gestation and farrowing worked. I learned how to inseminate and how to treat the gills (female hogs that have never been inseminated or delivered). I believed I completed the objective of the internship in the farrowing farm at farm 35. Now the company sent me to a finisher. It is an installation containing around 10,500 hogs and there are only two people in charge of the farm. On Farrowing farms you usually have around 11 people working on 3,600 sows not including the piglets. My first day started well, I arrived to the farm and introduced myself to the manager of Farms 18, 19 and 20. My manager was a very nice guy, he asked me questions of what I have learned on the Farrowing farm. I felt really well my first day since I had already some experience on treating, feeding and working with sows. I must admit that I had way more confidence and experience when I arrived to the finisher. The only thing that surprised me was that when I arrived to the Finisher farm there was just another worker. So I worked Tuesday and Wednesday on the farm, it was just me and another worker named Santara. We had to walk on every barn and jump in every pen and treat the hogs that need treatment and separate hogs if injured or small. Then we had to check the feeders, check temperatures and see if they are working and do maintenance. I was familiar with many of the process and my partner said I was doing well. I did felt that I was better prepared and was way faster than in my first farm. The next day I pretty much did the same, but my partner taught me how to fill the paperwork. On Thursday I audited my first Finisher Farm and they did well. Finally it brings me up to Friday, which was great because we went to the beach and had fun with the interns and our superiors so that we get to know the inters and our superiors as well.



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