Week 5: General Mills, Buffalo Plant

This week was full of learning for me in the General Mills warehouse. I spent a lot of this week shadowing the loading coordinator positions. This is the person who coordinates the loading of all trucks with finished product. I caught on to the job quickly and I truly liked the type of work that had to be done. I think if I were an employee there I would really like that job. However, I became frustrated when the person who I was shadowing did not seem to be as motivated to do a good job as I was. This is something I struggle with all the time. I learn very quickly, so by the time I catch up to someone else, I feel like I am stepping on their toes.

I also got to learn a lot about the union in this plant because a job-bid was going on. I feel very conflicted with the union they have. I fully support protecting the rights and jobs of workers, I feel that is important in any workplace. However I noticed that because seniority means more than skill, people are often placed in positions that they are not necessarily good at. This made me upset because thinking about being a manager that has to respect the union’s rules seems so restricting. This week I also got to learn a lot about the culture of the employees. They approach work very differently than my generation does and I am eager to learn more about it. This internship is flying by!



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