Week 5: Crop Production Services

Moving along in my internship I am feeling a little more comfortable with everything. I am getting to know the guys a bit more and I am starting to understand more about the things we do and how everything works at our shop. I have been assisting with more tissue tests on many corn and soybean fields this week and trying to figure out how customers crops are going to turn out this year. Also, I have been working around the shop lately learning how to load liquid trucks and I have been learning some of our fertilizers and what they all do for the plants and weeds. This week I have also been riding along with our employees and learning how to drive a tender truck and how everything that goes into loading and unloading trucks. In working with big equipment this will break down or wear out once in a while so I have been busy this week working on different pieces of equipment and learning how to fix all the equipment with our mechanic, which is interesting and can be difficult at times. I am starting to like how the flow moves everyday and how I am learning so much, not only with our shop and agricultural related things but also with working on big equipment and being able to fix equipment. I am excited to see what the rest of the summer holds and I am always ready to go to work in the morning.


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