Week 5 at Neogen

This week marks the second month of my internship duties here at Neogen. So far I can say that I’ve enjoyed myself and I’m trying to make the most of my experience here. Yesterday I spoke with my recruiter for the first time in 4 weeks and she was telling me that the sales team has taken a liking to me and they appreciate all the work I have done so far, so that was definitely nice to hear from her. Technically my coworkers aren’t allowed to “evaluate” my performance in front of me until the end of my term, but they relayed the info through HR and the recruiters so I heard it from her. It’s nice to know that I am appreciated here around the office and in my division because I try to go above and beyond the duties that I am given. I always ask my coworker Mike who sits next to me and is a territory manager if I could lighten his load and take some work off of his hands so I’m sure he appreciated that as well this past month.

Recently I have been working in a new territory with a new coworker who just joined our division and ive been helping him out with calling on his customers and making sure they are up to date with their reader upgrades and sufficient testing equipment for the harvest season upon us. We have been very busy lately with selling testing strips and lab supplies because all the grain elevators and farms are harvesting and want to put their product on the market. The problem is, they have to test a lot of crops for mycotoxins because of the mild winter, the crops never froze over preventing mold and toxin growth. We’ve seen a surge in the lower east coast in mycotoxins because of the wet winter that passed. Good for us on the sales team but definitely not good for the customers spending more money.


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