Week 5 at Mastronardi

This week at has been a really busy one, we presented our Project to our supervisors on Wednesday after working on it for a few days and we received really good feedback. They were really pleased with the results we provided. Following that we sat down to discuss what we would be working on next. This time we started several new projects all at the same time. It was a bit of a challenge starting several new projects and learning to multi-task to get all of them done is a timely matter. My co-worker and I have been working on acreage planning and production planning processes. With this we are mapping out the processes and creating flowcharts that correspond to SOP’s that we must also create describing the processes.  It has been an interesting learning experience to see all the work that goes into making a company run effectively. Most importantly seeing the dedication that they put into the company is truly amazing.

As mentioned last week I was supposed to go to Canada to visit the warehouse and some farms but unfortunately the trip was cancelled last minute and we didn’t go. This week I also interviewed one of my supervisors to see what his job entitled and what he does on a regular basis. I found it really interesting to see how much he knows with only being at Mastronardi for a few years.

After working here for a few weeks I continue to see the amount of kindness that is spread throughout the company. Everyone is really friendly and is always willing to help in what they can. To me that says a lot about a company. It shows the type of atmosphere that the company provides to all of its employees. I continue to enjoy my internship and working with the people that I work with on a daily basis.


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