Week 5: AgroLiquid

This is now the Seventh week of the internship and I am extremely happy thus far. This week was a pretty important week for me as I was able to see a demonstration of an irrigation system I will be building for AgroExpo in August.  Tuesday we held another tour for our Sales Account Managers. Wednesday was extremely important to me as several of my coworkers and I headed to Michigan State University’s Clarksville Research farm for their tour and demo days. There were tours all day that talked about the various crops they grew on the farm and how they were doing research with them. I think the most interesting thing I learned from the day was how they are trying to grow cherries in different ways to keep them confined to a small area in order to have a high density plot.  The second thing that was very important was the demonstration for the Solid Set Canopy Delivery System. A group of engineers from MSU developed a genius way to fertilize seeds, and they want AgroLiquid to put it to the test. Not only was I able to see the demo, but I was also able to talk to them about the project and how it worked for about an hour. They answered several of my questions, now I just have to put their knowledge to the test with some of our fertilizers. This was another very enjoyable week at AgroLiquid and I am looking forward to the future.

Jacob Schmitt


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