Week 3: Tanimura amd Antle

I’m really beginning to enjoy my time here as I am settling in to my role and become more comfortable with my fellow coworkers. The company is really going out of its way to make me feel more at home and familiar with their organization.

This week I have been pulled away from my job assignment in order to make my more familiar with the operations of the other departments in company. Ive spent a day with the harvest, nursery, housing, sales, marketing and the cooler/shipping departments. This has really opened my eyes to many areas of the company that I knew little about. Tanimura and Antle believes that all of there employees should have a good understanding of their entire business if they want to be successful.I believe this is a really good a approach and I’m really glad I was able to learn about these different areas that I might not normally get to see.

Now that most of my job training and orientation is over I will begin to focus a lot more heavily on my assignments with Plant Tape. This week a few of the owners of Tanimura and Antle have returned from a trip to Spain in which they were meeting with the engineers and designers for Plant Tape. They have brought with them any different improved and experimental parts for the Plant Tape planters. It will be my job to install these parts and conduct trials as we continue throughout the transplanting season. I will be documenting the results and comparing them to the original planter parts.

It is very exciting to me to be a part of what is the cutting edge of vegetable transplanting. The results we have now in these preliminary trials could impact what the entire industry looks like in the next 10 years.


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