Green Valley Ag.

This week for blueberry scouting we removed all the fruit moth traps from the fields, so next week we can set the SWD fly traps. Field findings this week include; fruit worms feeding inside some of the berries and aphids feeding on the new plant growth. When you’re looking for fruit worm signs, you want to identify fruit that’s turning blue and looks shriveled. And a lot of the times if you cut open the berry you will find the small pinkish worm, they’re  about a couple mm long. Aphids are usually found feeding on the new growth beneath the leaves. If the leaves look wrinkled there may be aphids underneath

The remainder of the week was spent trying to get farmers entered into the National Corn Yield Contest. I was given a list of farmers who might be interested and then I called to possibly set up a time I could meet with them. Most of the farmers signed up, I think only two turned it down. That about wraps up the week, I made a few deliveries and scouted several corn fields as well.


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