Week 5- Coca-Cola

This week I have ran into some logistical issues regarding the delivery of some large displays that will be in 34 stores. Last week I quoted the prices for the displays. I was using a rough estimate of the sizes. Today, I went to schedule the delivery and print out the shipping labels. Turns out that the displays are one inch larger than I estimated. Usually, this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, the one inch difference is a 70 dollar shipping cost per unit. A lot of additional money x 34 units is a lot more than my anticipated costs for executing the delivery.

After talking some Fed Ex managers I learned that I will have to talk to the Fed Ex territory representative that covers the  account to see if I or my boss can negotiate special pricing for this bulk delivery. I am hoping we can negotiate a reasonable price for the bulk order. Otherwise we will have to arrange for internal labor to make the deliveries which will be expensive as well.

In addition I attended the sales meeting in anticipation for the Olympics. We learned about new marketing programs, sales techniques, and priorities for the upcoming summer weeks. I am the youngest by far in these meetings so I try and soak in as much information as possible to learn leadership techniques and sales techniques that work and others that don’t work as well. In addition we did some team building exercises that were olympic themed. Our team came in second. I learned that safety should be a key priority for everyone involved in the company because injuries are very expensive for the company.Our facility is the only facility to be at zero injuries for the year in our unit! I am happy that I get the opportunity to attend these trainings/ meetings and gain additional experience.


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