Saginaw Bay Farms Week 5

This week was another busy week for me in the field.  The weather has been great for the growing soybeans which means I have to be completing all of my surveying in the fields.  The beans are getting so big that I no longer can go in some fields with the four-wheeler.  I have gotten almost all of the fields done that can no longer be surveyed.  There were a couple that my boss said we better not go in.  When the plants are smaller they can get run over by the four-wheeler and be ok, but when they reach a certain size they will get crushed and die.

There really is not anything new as far as interesting things learned.  I have been on the four-wheeler surveying and lasering the lowest points about 10 hours a day.  We are in preparation for pickle season, which is the busiest most detailed crop watching I will  do.  I am looking forward to getting the pickles in the ground and watching them grow.  My job will be to closely watch the pickles, I will be checking for weeds, diseases, and observing the plant size.  The plant size through all points of growth is very important in pickles.  They all have to be the same size or else we have issues.  Saginaw Bay Farms actually supplies Mcdonalds some of their pickles which I thought was really cool.

I have still been doing miscellaneous things all week.  I helped apply the lag to the pickle harvestor.  My job was to paint on the cement glue to ensure the lag was stuck on the machine.  I cleaned up the shop with a little bit of free time I had and organized the tools.  I have made sure that all of the water tanks are staying full for the sprayer by resetting the water filler clock 2-3 times during the night.

Overall this week was good, just busy trying to get everything done on time.


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