MMPA Week 5

This past week was a busy week, as are most days at the end of month and those in the middle of the month. Every fifteen days, Michigan Milk Producers reconciles their records with all of their customers. This means that all the milk tickets that we are supposed to receive and enter in our system should match to the pound what the customer on the other end has. One of my jobs as an intern is to assist in this process by taking about half of the customers, contacting the person in charge of their records and figuring out if we both have the same number, and if not find out why. It can be very confusing having to track down sheets and figure out why there is two different numbers for the same sheet. Most all communication is done over email and can be a lengthy process. Every month MMPA has to balance with their customer and report their numbers to the Market Administrator, which is basically like the boss of all bosses. They come in and audit the association several times a year and keep records of all the milk in the US. MMPA lightens their load by reconciling every two weeks to ensure that the numbers will better match up and everyone will receive payment for what they deserve.


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