Target Week Three

This week at Target can be described as having the training wheels taken off. I have started to deep dive my role as a group leader and am being constantly asked questions to see how I am retaining the information.

I am constantly asking questions to my mentor Aaron. I have to absorb as much information as I can because like I had previously stated, the training wheels are coming off soon. I will soon be given the responsibility of carrying out the shift responsibilities to a group of 25 individuals. Most of these people are older than me and I am going to have an up-hill battle with gaining their respect. But, I know that as long as I am open and honest with them, I will earn their respect with the commitment to do my best.

I wouldn’t use the word nervous to describe the feelings towards my new task at hand. I have done this job before for a different company and have faced many people who tried to test me. I have learned in my time in a supervisory role to make sure I keep a level head and be open and honest when you’re not sure of the answer to the question. I know that the people who have done this job for the last 15 years will try to trick me into giving them an answer they want. But, I have learned to always double-check before you give an answer that may not be correct.

To me, this is what I expected when I first decided to take the internship. I knew that the training wheels were going to be cut off eventually. It is now time to show the skills I have and lead this team to the positive goal.


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