Week #4 MHP

This week has flown by quickly! Last week I had gone through a series of phone trainings and today I had the opportunity to implement those lessons. I spent a day making outreach calls to members and while it was intimidating at first, I followed through and started to get accustomed to talking to members! This just goes to show, no matter how much you’re trained, and educated, until you start executing what you learn you will never be confident in your task. Today’s experience made me understand the difference between college and the corporate world a little better. The technical knowledge we learn in school will only take us so far, but until it’s tested through the work we accomplish it means very little.


The company had also planned a few social gatherings with the senior executive and interns in order to network and help cultivate relationships. This was a great opportunity to meet the people that built the company and learn about the other departments. Meeting these individuals gave a face to MHP, making it more than just a health insurance company. I also, attended a series of meetings and learned more about the technical aspects of healthcare and the gaps that currently exist within the company and also in the industry. I’ve had the opportunity to use my LEAN knowledge to make process maps and utilize SMEs to help with a value-add analysis to reduce wastage of time and improve efficiencies in current processes.



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