Week 3: Frito Lay

I can’t believe I just finished my third week at Frito Lay! This week I was able to experience many parts of the business. I rode with a large format Route Sales Represenative on Monday and visited a Walmart and other larger grocery stores. This was very different compared to my small formate route ride. We visited less stores but spend more time at the stores because the orders were larger. Also this week I spend some time working with a Key Account Manager for 7-eleven, the Sales Operations Manager for our zone and my mentor who is a Sales District Leader. While working with them they gave me a lot of great suggestions and advice for my 7-eleven project. The goals for my project are to create consistency among the stores, to implement the planograms and increase space in the store and sales. My plan is to visit 7-eleven stores in the Saginaw area and blueprint, which is mapping out the layout of the stores and score carding the stores, which is scoring the stores on how they are doing. Also to put tags and strips in the stores so the planograms, or layouts of how the products should be displayed, can be implemented. Also to sell different displays to increase space in the store and sales. Another part is to make sure there is signage of sales and promotions in the store.


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