Week 4- Wilbur Ellis

As I wrap up the week, I realize I have been with Wilbur Ellis for over a month now! It is crazy how fast time flies and how much there is still to learn and do. My weekly schedule is becoming more consistent and I am getting nervous with how much there is to learn and complete before things start getting harvested.

Here is a recap of my past week:

Monday: I helped in the office for the first couple hours of the morning and then I set up SWD traps in blueberry fields up north for the rest of the day.

Tuesday: I finished setting up SWD traps in blueberry fields that I didn’t get finished from the day before then I went and checked my apple orchard route for the rest of the day.

Wednesday: I set up a few SWD traps in blueberry fields down south then I remained in hop yards the rest of the day picking tissue samples for the managers of the yards.

Thursday: I spent all day on a route that one of the salesmen assigned to me. I checked apples, sweet and tart cherries, wine and juice grapes, and peaches. I am checking for any disease, insect, or anything that doesn’t look normal.

Friday: I went on my veggie route, which took the majority of the day. I scouted cucumbers, squash, egg plants, and peppers. We also had a walk through to go over the chemicals and fertilizers that will be needed for the upcoming week.

I am learning so much and I am looking forward to what the next week will bring!


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