Week 4: Crop Production Services

Week 4 has taught me a lot. The beginning of this week I went to a wheat seminar in Breckenridge, Michigan where they talked about different varieties of wheat and which was best for the dollar. The speaker brought up some good points that dealt with all the different varieties that I found interesting. Multiple times throughout the week I spent time in the shop working on our loader because the parking break kept sticking so we had to tear it all apart and order parts for the wrangler. Friday we put it all back together and realized how broke it actually was. I scouted corn and beans and took tissue samples of each crop in multiple fields for multiple farmers. I drove a tender truck and got loaded up with fertilizer to drive it out to our pit where I got unloaded for inventory in the dry building. Wednesday morning we had a office meeting because of two accidents that happened within Crop Production Services but not our location, this consisted of safety training and being aware of your surroundings. The meeting was also about being careful when driving tender trucks and always wearing our seatbelt because there is a new rule for CPS if an employee gets caught without a seatbelt they get fired that day. Personally I think this is a good rule and will most likely help prevent injuries.


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