Week 4 at Neogen

As week four comes to a close I can say that things have been pretty slow here. Yesterday and today (Friday) the entire sales staff went to a weekend long conference in Ohio that they go to every year, and sadly I was not invited because its only for full-time employees. So I have been in the office with only a couple other coworkers who are not full-time either. I was given a few tasks to complete from my boss before they left and I have completed almost all of them so I asked for a half-day and was given the green light to leave after lunch today.

So far most of what I’ve been doing is calling up on our active accounts and making sure they all have enough testing supplies for the upcoming harvest season that most of the grain elevators and farmers will be busy with. during this time, our customers do a lot of Mycotoxin testing on almost all of their grain batches to make sure it is sufficient for sale. This season, from what I’ve been told by some of my customers is that it has been very wet and rainy in late spring early summertime, which does not bode well for the farmers and their product. The wet and moist atmosphere that the grain is in can cause mold and toxin growth rapidly if not properly handled. Farmers can lose entire truckloads of products to just one positive reading of Mycotoxins, which can cost them thousands of dollars. We are here to help these people and make sure their businesses are running smoothly.

Yesterday I Spoke with a customer down in Birmingham, Alabama and  she was saying how they tested their grains 5 times a day from all different parts of their field to make sure that everything will go smoothly before the July harvest. She seemed very worried about it and told me that she knew of some Vomitoxin outbreaks in the deep south she heard of that she doesn’t want to affect her as well.


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