Week 4: AIS Construction Equip.

Looking back on yet another week of work at AIS Construction Equip. I am now beginning to realize just how much knowledge about the company I have soaked up over the past month I have been back at the Saginaw location.  It seems it wasn’t long ago that I was doing nothing but shipping & receiving during my time working at our Lansing location while in school.  Now I have much more experience in the sales side of the business, and feel that I am becoming a more well rounded employee.

This past week did wonders for my competence in ordering parts, which makes me a much better part salesperson.  Monday was an extremely long day, as I spent even more time working on completing my inventory reports, which now are in their very final stages as I hope to complete them by early next week as long as everything goes well.  Tuesday was a very slow day at AIS, I spent much of my day outside organizing our racks of bucket teeth and cutting edges, as well as taking inventory of them.  Wednesday is when the learning picked up for the week.  I spent the day sifting through all the parts in our inventory which were ordered in via machine down, basically telling us that it is a customer order, and determining whether or not it should have been put into our inventory.  After making all of my determinations I had to order in the necessary parts and ship out the parts that shouldn’t have been in stock.  Thursday and Friday were much of the same, as I was checking and double checking the work that had been done on Wednesday.

Noticing the progress that has been made over the last month has made me very excited for the coming weeks to see just what I will be learning on the job, and I am already looking forward to seeing the progress.


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