Continuing at Cropwatch.


Week four at Cropwatch seems to be the turning point in the battle against the weeds. Farmers are catching up with spraying and most weeds are starting to die. There are also plenty of other activities going on in seed corn fields at this time. Flamers are going through the fields torching the male rows to ensure pollination occurs at the proper time. Also a lot of Nitrogen based fertilizer (Anhydrous Ammonia to be specific) is being applied to help give the corn a boost. With the weather warming up and a good amount of rainfall (three quarters of an inch in some places across our region) the corn should be growing rapidly soon.

This will present an interesting opportunity for my company. If the corn grows at a greater rate, that means we have to keep up with it. However it will also give us an opportunity to prove ourselves to our clients that we can keep up with the necessary pace. Monsanto has just contacted us about doing nitrate testing for them, which is a great opportunity for our small company. I’m looking forward to taking on these new challenges.


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