Week 4 Coca-Cola

This week one of my challenges was to figure out the cheapest way to get the display into the Lansing and Kalamazoo areas for gas stations. We have around 40 ice barrels so I had to weigh out the options of which delivery method would be most cost effective. I had to compare multiple freight options to ensure that I was choosing the most cost effective delivery options for the Lansing and Kalamazoo markets. I found that a local carrier would be the most cost effective way to deliver the barrels rather than using a worker to hand deliver the barrels. It was interesting that it costs about the same to get these large packages delivered to Kalamazoo from Lansing and locally.

My boss was happy because I saved him a lot of money which helps keep operating costs low. I learned that it is important that you are accurate in calculating costs for a program because it can be easy to use the wrong information and get the wrong numbers which can can lead you to spend more money than necessary. I would recommend double checking your numbers to ensure that you are properly representing the costs to your employer. My co worker over estimated costs by over $90 per item. Yikes.

My next step is to make sure that I get all of these barrels ready for delivery on the right day, on the right truck to the right store. In addition I have to make a plan so that the deliveries do not get refused. It is surprising how many managers of stores are not happy to see incoming displays because at the end of the day they do help increase sales. I am thinking of ways to make sure the barrels are clearly marked so that we do not have to reship them if they get refused.


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