Week 4: Helena Chemical Company

So going into the week it feels good to know I completed all the soil/tissue samples I had to compete that I was assigned Wednesday. It took me three days to complete 11 fields of soil sampling, the first day it took me longer than the second and third day. I started off taking a while to compete a field plot but as I got the hang of it, I started to finish faster and was able to do all 11 fields by Friday morning.  I could tell the staff at my branch were kind of impressed by how fast I completed all the soil samples, which felt good to know that they acknowledged my work ethic. So going into week 4 with Helena feels good and continues to get better as far as me doing more alone and also doing more. I like to maintain busy so the more work just pushes me to do it faster and allows me to not slack off. Everything continues to be a great learning experience and I am continually blessed to have this opportunity.  Hopefully I can get a chance to visit some field plot we have a little north of my location to scout some of our Nucleus HP trails and also see observations from our Grounded treated fields to stay ahead with collecting data. Only thing that would stop me from doing whats needed to be done would be the weather, we are looking at having a rainy Tuesday but I should be able to get everything done by Thursday. I am also starting to plan for my final project presentation and ways to make that a great display of my summer long work to my Helena Regional Directors.  This week should continue to be a busy one but I have continuously said that I really enjoy what I am doing on this internship so I don’t mind the week looking busy, more overtime for me.


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