Target: Week Two

With the second week of the internship comes new responsibilities and new challenges.

Today I gained a whole new appreciation for the work that the team members in the warehouse do on a day to day basis. I showed up to the warehouse in sneakers, a t-shirt and shorts ready for whatever I was going to have to do.

My day consisted of three stages. Stage one involved me throwing 20 to 60 pound boxes onto a conveyer belt. These products ranged anywhere from laundry detergent to diapers to macaroni and cheese cases. I continued to empty the crates of containers and every now and again had to make sure the conveyer didn’t get backed up by pushing the boxes along.

Stage two was loading four different trailers heading to various Target locations across the Midwest. I would let the freight come down the conveyer, grab the boxes and stack them in the most efficient way to fill the truck. It almost seemed as if you were playing a large game of Tetris with the boxes and wanted to fill every single crack as tightly as possible.

The final stage was working the mezzanine conveyer belt. I would watch as hundreds of boxes per minute would glide past me and I had to make sure there was only one box to a pallet. If the label of the box was not right side up or there were too many boxes on one platform, I would have to grab it and replace it on a separate conveyer belt. Needless to say after a ten hour work day, I was exhausted and was ready to sit down and relax.

I think that this exercise is beneficial for the managers to take part in what the team members do every single day. Not only is it laborious on the body. But, to do the job at the proper speed is incredibly challenging and I am appreciative for the hard work they do each and every day.


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