GEC warm welcome to Pennsylvania.

For the second week we made three stops at Wegmans stores in Pennsylvania. Warrington, Malvern and Harrisburg were all great cities to see and again the people we met left lasting impressions about the city. This week my shout out is to two very special groups of people that we had the privilege of meeting.

First a very warm Thank you to the staff of every store, you are all amazing. It is these great people that keep our grocery stores clean and #Fresh. Dave at the Malvern Wegmans made a phenomenal display with our #OhioRed #TomatoesOnTheVine, and #BellPeppers.

We also had the pleasure of meeting students from Milton Hershey’s school in Harrisburg. These ladies are responsible for managing and growing #GreenhouseProduce at their school. They reminded us why we do what we do and love what we do. They were so interested in learning more about #HowWeGrow. #WeAreTheGrower

Follow our stop next week on social networks:

Snapchat: #greeninthecity

Instagram: @wearethegrower

Twitter: @wearethegrower

Tags: #OhioRed #Fresh #TomatoesOnTheVine #BellPeppers #GreenhouseProduce #WeAreTheGrower #HowWeGrow


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