Week 3 Wilbur Ellis

My third week at Wilbur Ellis was definitely better than last week. Last week was not such a great start for me but this week things smoothed out. This week I started my weekly schedule scouting fruits. I planned ahead this time since last week was a disaster. I also did more of the readings for scouting and learned a couple more things such as new insects and diseases that start affecting orchards during post bloom. This week I started seeing an increase in the number of coddling moths and oriental fruit moths in our traps. There were some traps that had over three hundred moths so instead of individually taking out the moths I replaced the whole trap. I think it is very interesting to read about something and then see it in the actual fields. I also encountered orchards that were infested with either red mites or aphids. Red mites are very small and usually under the leaf, you have to examine the leaf and make sure they are actual mites. Since they are so small you can confuse them with other things so you have to make sure that they move and identify them with a magnifying glass. Rosy and green aphids are a little bigger and you can definitely spot them with no problem, although green aphids seem to blend with the leaves, you can usually tell that aphids are affecting an orchard if the leaves are rolled up. I get pretty excited when I see a pest because when I write the report I feel like I am really helping this farmer by telling him how healthy his orchards are or are not. I have been driving a lot too, I drive an average of four hundred miles a week going from block to block and that excludes the hour drive that I make to work every morning and then again in the afternoon. I live in Grand Rapids but I work in Hart, I decided to live in Grand Rapids because I know people here and Hart is a very small. Hart is a place where a lot of our agriculture is grown here in the state so not a lot of people live there. I would get really bored and frustrated if I would have moved to Hart but then again the two hours of driving a day is taking toll on me and my car.


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