Week 3 @ Green Valley Ag.

An interesting thing this week involved planting test plots. This was all new to me, since I’ve never helped plant a plot or any row crops before. Our planned planting day was Friday, so to prepare I needed to label stakes and flags with the 17 different conventional corn hybrids and 6 different soybean hybrids. Then I had to gather the plot seed and number them in the order the farmer wanted to plant and stack them on pallets. It was a large test plot being more than 18 acres and it took around 5 hours to plant. Also while we were planting, Adam Kantrovich stopped by. Adam works for Michigan State University Extension as a Regional and Statewide Farm Management Educator. He specializes in Farm Business Analysis, Agricultural Tax Management, Farm Succession, and the Affordable Care Act. I was pretty surprised to meet someone who worked for the MSU Extension while planting a plot. I was glad I got to introduce myself and he talked about how he works with some of the professors in agriculture economics for MSU. So he works with people such as professor Hilker and Professor Schweikhardt. Which goes to show you never know who you might run into.


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