Week 3: General Mills, Buffalo Plant

This week flew by so quickly and I can’t believe that I only have 9 weeks left of my internship. I am loving every day and I wish I could work more than 40 hours per week.

This week I got to work with the bulk unloading employee and see how the oat flour is unloaded in the plant. The flour comes in on rail cars and is unloaded with large hoses that blow air into the car and then it forces the product out the other end. They offload several different types of flour and one type of flour is much more clumpy than the others. This flour needs to constantly be watched because it will pile up in the line and cause a jam in the operator does not watch the gauge closely. One of my projects is working with this operator so I got to know him very well.

Something I love about General Mills is that, for the most part, every employee has a passion for what they do. They work very hard but they don’t hate their jobs. I love how GMills was able to foster a sense of pride in their employees because that can be rare to find in a warehouse environment. I enjoy interacting with the employees because most of them want to teach me about their jobs so I can learn and improve. It’s a little weird because a lot of them are my parents age, but it’s easy to get over that.


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