Week 2: ADM

ADM Columbus

*Picture of half of the grain elevator at ADM Columbus, OH. Overall capacity 4.8 MIL bushels.

Our main crops at Columbus and Chillicothe are corn, soybeans, and wheat. Everyday I get to learn about their ever-changing markets and explain it in simple terms to our customers. A good understanding of supply and demand economics is vital to interpret some of the factors that go into. Anyhow, week 2 has been busy as my first projects for the summer are starting to roll out. Mainly, I have been conducting a research project that concerns crops for next year.  In addition, I am starting to coordinate containers that travel up and down Central Ohio that then make their way to different parts of the world.

I started out  on Monday traveling to another ADM location in southern Ohio in a town called Chillicothe. There, I met with some of the operations managers and toured the elevator. I learned all about bins and bushel capacity while deciphering the mechanical processes going on underground that make the elevator work. I also got to see trains being loaded and trucks dumping their cargo via a truck dump.

On Tuesday I had a regular day at the office buying contracts for the different grains. On Wednesday I traveled down to Circleville where I took a grain grading class and test from the USDA and was certified as a grain grader. Basically, when grain arrives at an elevator, it is sampled by the grader and determined against a US Food Grade scale. Things to look for include diseased grain, sprout damaged grain, moldy grain, etc. The Columbus Grain Inspectors group then took us to grade samples of grains from around the county and let us inspect the quality of the grain and classify the food grade based off the scale. We got to use specialized equipment that is only used for that process.










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