Week 3: Sam’s Club

This week has been interesting, and has been my best week at Sam’s so far. It hasn’t been as crazy traffic-wise around the club, so people have been more willing to take the time out to talk to me and show me new things. I had the chance to spend time in the Claims department – they handle damaged merchandise, and anything that can be returned to vendors or marked down. I learned about the mark down process and the book they use to keep track of it all, because they mark it down further and further each week until the damaged product sells. I will be able to do this with them in a few weeks, so it’ll be interesting to learn it in a more hands-on fashion, as well.

I also was able to travel to the Jackson club for a day with Sam’s Market team for a club calibration, which I was excited for. I’ve heard so many people at my club talk about the calibrations – which is basically them being reviewed on what they’re doing right and, more importantly, what can be improved upon – and I’ve been looking forward to being involved with one hands-on. I spent the entire calibration focused on the Fresh department (meat, bakery, deli, produce, etc), and I learned a lot about the meat department. My club’s Fresh department is green (their rating scale is green, yellow, and red), but the Jackson store was yellow. I didn’t understand the ratings much beforehand, so it was nice to be able to see what qualified each club for each color. I also learned why Fresh’s production reports are so important, because the Jackson club wasn’t using theirs like they could have been, so they were having some technical issues that could’ve been prevented.

It was nice to see a different club in general, because it gave me more of an idea as to what things are unique to each club. It also gave me more ideas for my final project with Sam’s, as I was able to see that some issues my club has weren’t just specific to our location.

I’m looking forward to next week, and I hope I am able to see more club calibrations, because I would like to see the other sectors being evaluated as well.


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