Week 3: Helena Chemical Company

So far, my internship has been really going better than expected. My sales rep has really been a great mentor and has continued to answer any questions or doubts I have which is appreciated since he is really busy. I have been going to do a lot of field work lately and its really great to actually be able to get my hands dirty. Ive been getting a chance to do some side by sides for some growers which is when I compare our product against another to show our products efficiency from competitors. Ive even gotten to do some soil sampling which is where we take multiple soil samples to check nitrogen levels. This allows us to see where in the field there is lower levels of nitrogen, then we can spray those areas and not the side that lacking nitrogen. The data from the soil samples also lets us recommend some treatment kits for the fall or spring to our retailers/growers. I am doing wholesale this summer and it really helps me decide if I want to do wholesale or retail as a career. So Far, its hard to say because I haven’t got a chance to do retailer yet, but its really been a great learning experience. Everybody at the Marshall branch are great to be around and also very hard workers. That is always good to have good communication with your co workers so everybody isn’t butting heads. Everyday Ive learned something new which allows me to know more and be able to do more. Being able to do things on my own is how I like to work than beside my sales rep. , not saying he hasn’t helped but I feel in his way. So now we have just started to discuss the weeks tasks and that allows me to show my work ethic and that I can take initiative and also reliable to get things done.


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