Week 3: AIS Construction Equip.

This past week has so far been one of the most interesting of this summer at AIS Construction Equip.  The week has definitely introduced me to new aspects of the job, as well as given me further detail on aspects that I was just not so clear on when I walked into work on Monday morning.  On top of all of the new things that I was learning, I was able to fit in a good mix of tasks which I had a fair amount of experience attending to.  Following an extremely hectic, rather unusual week last week where I was working both my normal position as well as shipping & receiving, the week began at a seemingly slow pace.  Monday I spent much of my time working on my inventory reports, which are finally nearing an end after slowly chipping away at them for much of my first 5 weeks back at AIS.  The pace picked up once again Tuesday as I spent more time working with customers on sales orders, which required utilizing many digital parts lookup databases to best determine exactly which parts the customer in fact needed.  New experiences continued throughout the week as I was introduced to the process of hose making.  This may not seem too complicated, but customers typically bring in old, warped hoses which have no part numbers clearly visible any longer, making it extremely complicated.  Without being able to see part numbers, you must make an educated guess on fitting sizes, then you must search through the hundreds of fittings in stock to match it exactly.  The process is slightly time consuming, and you must be very precise in order to satisfy the customers needs.  Hose making is a challenge, and I for one look forward to more opportunity to test my new skills.  Finally, to close out the week, I spent much of my time learning how to conduct inventory returns, which was very easy to pick up on due to my experience in shipping & receiving and experience in sales orders.  Next week I hope to continue on my trend of learning new skills to build upon my knowledge of company operations, all in all making me a better, more productive AIS employee.


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