Week 3 Corporate Kitchen

This week in the kitchen was much different than normal. We bought a new part for our Msu Food truck. Seeing the way the part is bought and financed was interesting. When working for the university you have to be careful to use the correct account and to document the product correctly. Also, this week I helped take on a new training system for new employees. The hope is to allow for more people to apply for positions and allow for better staff to be hired. This week I was also taught how to take care of time reports that way people are paid correctly and labor is billed to the right account. The last large thing that happened this week was an all-staff meeting that was presented by myself and my coworker Makayla. We went over policy to reinforce what was expected of staff this summer in our new location. Along with that, we explained our new scheduling system and showed the staff the overall use of the system.


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