Week 3- Coca-Cola

This week I worked in high stress environment. The feeling of the Lansing distribution center was tense. There was a team of people from corporate that were coming in to do an audit and look at our facilities. There was a lot of pressure on me from a management perspective to make sure everything in the warehouse was organized. Last week I was busy visiting customers, therefore there was a large amount of incoming orders that I was unable to process. When I came in Monday morning, there were new and old displays everywhere that I had to inventory and make sure that they were placed according to audit standards. I was not told until Monday that corporate was coming in for an inspection. I had to work on a very time sensitive basis. This meant that I had to get my hands dirty and do some of the manual labor myself to ensure the job got done quickly and right. My work paid off because we got good feedback from corporate.

Tomorrow I continue my project in the Kalamazoo distribution center. In addition I am  creating a sales presentation for my bosses to present to Walmart on Friday. This includes sales hurdles for multiple products and packages, sales, display opportunities and upcoming promotions. I am hoping my presentation will generate good feedback and secure large displays that generate revenue.

Wish me luck!


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