Week 2: Meijer

This is my second week working at Meijer in the Retail Operation Internship. In my time at Meijer I will be working in many different departments throughout the store and also working with Meijer Corporate to complete a project.

This week I have been working in the produce department. Through this experience I have learned many different aspects of how the department operates and conducts business. One of Meijer’s core values is freshness, which applies directly to how they interact with the produce department.

Meijer has some of the highest standards in terms of what produce they sell which is why they are well known for their produce and why this is the department that makes Meijer the most profit and keeps customers returning.

Working in Meijer this far has been interesting to learn and watch the high volume of product being sold from the store every single day. While working in the produce department I have also learned many things such as how Meijer conducts produce inventory, ordering procedures and stocking procedures.

I am excited to keep learning about the different departments and also keep learning more about the company and their future goals as a company.




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