Week Two Agroliquid

This is now my fourth week at Agroliquid and I am really enjoying working there with everyone. The entire staff has been great thus far and I am learning a lot of new things about horticulture. This week we learned a lot about growing vegetables in hydroponics. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in sand, gravel or liquid while adding nutrients to compensate for soils. This process is very different than growing in regular soils because the plants need different nutrients.  Hydroponics are a good way to grow plants because they can grow faster because they have food and water readily available at all times. This process works for most plants, however, it does not work for plants such as carrots or potatoes, because the consumable part of the plant will rot really fast because it is submerged in water.

This week we have pretty much finished planting all of our fruits and vegetables and we have started to focus mostly on the apple orchard and getting it ready for the AgroExpo. Agroliquid’s high density orchard is set on just four acres but it takes an extreme amount of work to keep afloat.  Several of the interns, including myself have been a part of hoeing between the trees, spraying for weeds, hanging irrigation, and applying fertilizers and pesticides to the trees as they grow.  The orchard definitely takes the most work for its size. I am looking forward to continuing my internship with Agroliquid.


Jacob Schmitt


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