Week 2 Wilbur Ellis

My second week in Wilbur Ellis was really stressful, from getting lost in Hart to getting my car stuck in the mud. This second week was a big deal for me because I started on my own scouting my own grower list. Last week I was really excited for this and thought I was prepared but it was difficult. At first I could not find the blocks I was suppose to be scouting because I am not familiar with the Hart area. I have to use and iPad to locate the blocks I have to scout and input information about the block through this company app so I could not drive and use the iPad at the same time because I know that it is dangerous. So I had to pullover every time I would get lost and memorize my path to the next block. Then to top it off I got my car stuck trying get around a block, so one of the other scouts came and helped me with his diesel truck. I was really embarrassed and a little down this week because it went south for me. I talked to my supervisor about how everything was going and he told me to cheer up because it usually happens to someone in the first week. This week it was more like getting used to my area and setting up traps, I did not have a lot of time to scout because I would have been there all day. Even though it was a bad start on my own I really liked my job responsibilities, I know that once I get the hang of it I am going to really enjoy walking around in the hot sun. So I am going to be more prepared next week and go over the map and get more familiar with the hart area so that I won’t get lost often.


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