Week 2: Tri-County Equipment

As another week as an Integrated Solutions Consultant with John Deere comes to an end, I reflect on all of the interesting things I learned and experiences over the past few days.  With each day I spend at Tri-County, I find myself less and less overwhelmed with the massive amount of material I have yet to learn.  Although I still have months and months of learning ahead of me should I choose to stay, I’m really beginning to understand a lot of the concepts, and the task that once seemed so insurmountable now seems far more feasible.

On Tuesday of this week, John Deere released a line of new products via a web-based video announcement; a few products were added to the Agriculture Management Solutions lineup.  The most prominent of the new AMS releases was the Starfire 6000 receiver, which was designed to replace the Starfire 3000 receiver.  I spent several hours that day researching the new products and their capabilities and specifications.  While new products are generally an exciting thing for anyone in the industry, for a person trying to learn all of the available material, it can sometimes just amplify the stress factor.  Despite the extra workload, I found the day very interesting and really very fun.  Advancements are exciting, especially when they affect my professional life as well as my personal life at the home farm.

Perhaps my biggest milestone this week was my advancement in the phone support portion of my job.  On several occasions, I was able to help customers navigate their technology and identify and solve problems they were having via my company cellphone.  One instance of note was when a customer, Phil, called me unable to band Quadris through his GrecnStar Rate Controller.  I quickly deduced an issue in his GRC configuration and guided Phil through his display so he could make the necessary changes to fix the problem.  He was up and running in just a couple of minutes.  While this issue would be elementary for a more experienced Integrated Solutions Consultant, it was my first phone support call and solving it, however simple it may have been, was a real confidence boost for me.  After a few weeks of learning, it’s encouraging to see all of my hard work begin to manifest as a legitimate investment.

On another note, I received a company pickup and computer today.  I am now fully equipped to venture out independently on service calls and work orders, although I don’t see myself doing much of that for at least another month or so.  With each change in the seasons, there are new jobs and, consequently, new AMS equipment to learn about and service.  Because of this, I will never run out of material to learn over the course of the summer; theoretically, it would take a year to be exposed to all of the equipment, and another to really become comfortable and accustomed to it.

In conclusion, I’ve really been enjoying my time at Tri-County Equipment.  I enjoy my coworkers and our line of work; I find that the days and hours fly by as quickly as can be.  I look forward to tackling the coming week and learning as much as I can.

A new T series combine, released for order on Tuesday of this week.

A new T series combine, released for order on Tuesday of this week.


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