Week 2 – Service Express

This week I started training with and getting to know my team in the Sales Development department. It was kind of an information overload, but I am learning so much and am very excited to get to a point where I can work on my own.

Throughout the week I had training sessions with my two managers who are making sure that I am keeping up with all of the information they are giving me. Basically I am learning about the history of our department, which is fairly short, and getting an overall training on the industry that we market our services in. Being an IT company, we have to have a general knowledge about servers, storage and data center maintenance in order to have conversations with the IT Managers with the companies we are trying to market to.

Another part of my training that is very helpful is being able to sit in with different members of my team and having them show me how to use all of our prospecting tools when trying to create and go after leads. While learning how to use the tools, my co-workers are also making cold-calls and follow-up calls to customers. During these calls I am learning call strategies as well as how to use all of our different tools, such as Salesforce, during these calls.

There is a lot of information and strategy that is being poured onto my plate, but I am excited to be able to apply it in a few weeks once I start making my own calls and setting up meetings for prospective customers.


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