Week 2: CHS

This week was another busy week. Monday was a regular day scouting apples and cherries. Tuesday I went all over the place to scout corn and bean fields. For row crops we scout them after emergence, a few weeks later for tissue sampling, a last time before harvest, and that’s it unless there’s a problem in the field that needs to be looked at.

Wednesday was a good day scouting blueberries. Most of the fields I scout are done with bloom and have a lot of berries on them already. My cranberry fruit worm traps had higher numbers than last week and the cherry fruit worm traps were mostly empty. I started seeing some shoestring in some fields which is a disease brought in by aphids. I found a few aphids and also some other insect pests. I also saw some herbicide damage in quite a few of my blueberry fields.

Thursday I scouted apples on the ridge and found quite a bit, I also walked up on a couple of new fawns. This morning I looked at a 120 acre bean field that had an emergence problem. You could tell where the field was compacted and the seed had germinated but couldn’t get through the ground to emerge.

Overall it was a good week, I seen some new things and learned a few things, looking forward to what next week brings!


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