Week 2 at Coyote

This week at Coyote, my mentor and I sat down and came up with a few weekly goal which includes 125 outbound calls to carriers per day, three hours of talk time on the phone per day and booking at least five loads per week as of right now. So far, I have met these goals even though we had a short week due to memorial day. Next week or the week after, I am assuming he will increase these numbers and I will be ready for the challenge! I’ve booked about 7 or 8 loads this week and, as a personal goal, I am working towards booking 7-8 loads per day by the end of the summer! I have also gotten to know some of my mentors dedicated carriers and I have been working with them this week, tracking their loads and handling incidents that they run in to.Doing this, I have also learned to maneuver the internal system using different short cuts.

Today, my mentor took a half day so that he could fly out to our Denver, CO office and left me in charge of his dispatched loads and the loads that have not been dispatched yet. Since he left at noon, I have ran into several situations. I had to deal with resending rate confirmations to carriers and “bouncing” a load. Bouncing a load means that the carrier that booked the load with you can no longer make the pick up and deliver it in time due to unfortunate circumstances so you have to find another carrier within a short period of time to move the load because Coyote never gives freight back to the customer. Once we say that we can move a load for a customer, we will go to any means to get the load where it needs to go.


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