Week 1: Frito Lay

This week was my first week as a sales intern at Frito Lay in Flint, MI! I just got back from Cleveland for 3 days for an orientation program with the other 15 interns that are in the Mid-America region. I wasn’t sure what to expect of orientation but it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot! Myself and the other intern that will be in Flint headed down to Cleveland Tuesday afternoon, when we checked in we met some of the others interns and got dinner with them. This was a great start to orientation, everyone was really nice and it was fun meeting new people.

The first day of training was very informative and was at a distribution center, the leaders of our orientation program were awesome! There are 2 other MSU students (Go green!), a lot of people from different schools in Ohio, one person from a school in Illinois and another from a school in Oklahoma. That night we got dinner as a group and it was really fun hanging out with everyone!

The second day we toured a manufacturing plant and saw how chips are made! This was really cool and I even got to try Doritos freshly made, it was even still warm! Yum! We had more informative sessions and training sessions and that night we went to a Indians baseball game.

The last day we learned more about Frito Lay and the internship and then headed home. It was a really fun and helpful orientation!




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