Week 2 @ Green Valley

Since starting a month ago, the only days that are structured the same are Monday and Tuesday because I take those days to scout blueberry fields and complete reports. An interesting finding this week was in one of the fields I ended up catching well over 100 cranberry fruit moths. Which is well above my average of 3-5 in most fields. I also found a few Leafroller larvae. So the farmers will begin to spray for those shortly once the GDD reach a certain point. Last week, I marked a few blueberry bushes that had botrytis blight to see how far it would advance in 7 days. Before, the blight was only affecting the tips of the stems, but now it has migrated halfway down some of the stems.

The remainder of the week I scouted several corn fields for weed pressure to determine when the fields need to be sprayed. I also rode around with the sales rep to meet with farmers and I made a few deliveries. Next week I get to help with test plots so I’m excited about that since I’ve never done that before. All in all things have been going smoothly over here at GVA.



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