Week 2 at Saginaw Bay Farms

This week at Saginaw Bay Farms was a short week because of Memorial Day on Monday.  When I got back to the farm, my main focus was on the wheat crops.  I had to go observe and report which fields were most headed.  Along with looking at the most developed plant, I was looking for issue areas in the fields of wheat.  I learned about the wheat rusting disease and the potential hazards of it.

After I finished observing the wheat fields I took on the sugar beet fields, scouting for pests and looking at the weed pressure.  I got to see first hand what a flea beetle is on the sugar beets and what damages it causes.  The weeds have grown a lot since last week because of this heat as well as the little amount of rain we got here.  I was determining what fields were going to be sprayed first and where in the field the chemicals need to be applied/not applied.  Having to make these fairly extensive calls on applications really made me have to put confidence in myself and make decisions which greatly benefit me personally.

I finished scouting all of the fields, which meant a little down time and time to catch up on housekeeping for the farm.  I cleaned some of the equipment and learned how to attach new nozzles on the sprayer.  I am in the middle of cleaning out the barn floors and organizing in there.

As far as exciting things, I got to see a crop duster in action when I was scouting a field.  I have never been that close to one doing the job.

I am starting to become better friends with my coworkers and it is making this experience just that much more enjoyable.  So far the internship has taught me a lot and has me excited to see what the rest of the summer holds.


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