Week 2- Neogen Corp.

This week at Neogen corporation has been very similar to last weeks duties. One of the tasks that the milling and grain division has been given is to call upon our existing customers that have our Mycotoxin readers and help them with upgrades to the device. This week has been mostly filled with that work, lots of phone calls everyday inputting information into our Microsoft database. Since I have been calling upon existing customers, my relationship management skills are being put to the test. It is expected of me to be pleasant and knowledgeable when speaking with these accounts in order for everything to go smoothly. Some customers can definitely be difficult to work with, being stubborn and hard to talk to, but I must keep composure and make sure I speak professionally and be as helpful as possible.

June 1st was the end of the fiscal year for Neogen and things are starting to look different for everyone around here and I have been experiencing it. Before the quarter ended, employees were scrambling to make sales and meet their yearly quota, but today it has been much more calm and now my teammates are helping me out with the tasks that I have rather than me doing them alone.

So far I am enjoying this internship, I enjoy the company of my coworkers as well as my supervisors and I am excited to be helping these people with their jobs as well as learning on the job for my future as well.


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