Week 1: Archer Daniels Midland

ADM’s orientation for interns is now finished, as over 175 interns of all disciplines flew out of Decatur, IL where the North American HQ is located. The company takes exceptional care of their interns and I was very excited and anxious to officially start as a Commodity Merchandiser this week. I am interning in Columbus, Ohio under the regional manager for Eastern grain, Milan Hansen.

My role this summer is not defined to a specific task or project. I will be involved in a variety of projects that will allow me to learn ADM’s business while also understanding the grain markets and key negotiation skills. My first project thus far is analyzing and providing solutions to containers and their transportation to and from the elevators. In addition, I will be in charge of implementing new software that allows us to better understand crops during this planting season. On top of that, I’ll be in constant contact with farmers and supply them with vital market information. I’ll need to study the markets every morning and be ready to assist anyone and everyone asking for Columbus bid prices.

I am fortunate to be able to travel this summer with ADM and have various locations that will be under my watch regarding the crop tracking software. It is beyond words how I feel with them entrusting me with such a vital part of their business, but I am ready to take on a new challenge. So far, I’ve been in the office for two days and have barely scratched the surface. I am positive it will be an amazing summer interning with ADM.



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