Sam’s Club Week 2

This week at Sam’s has been interesting. I was able to spend some time in the Fresh department (produce, frozen foods, bakery, and the meat department), and I came in early to see how they handle their morning order arrivals. As a whole, it was very informative. I found out that sometimes, Sam’s orders items for managers without communicating this information to them ahead of time. The manager I followed in the Fresh department had several examples of this happening to him, and the result was always a loss of the product and money. I was excited to spend time with the manager in Fresh because he seems very passionate about his job, and I haven’t seen much of that around the club as a whole, so it was refreshing to spend time with someone that cares and was willing to teach me more about what he does.

Further, my final project for Sam’s is related to technology, and I also received some good feedback from employees and managers about their thoughts on Sam’s current tech.

The common thought seems to be that Sam’s tech is outdated, and that they’d be more efficient if the team leads/managers of each department had something more updated to go off of (i.e., iPads). It would provide them with greater opportunities to stay in contact with other departments as well, as they could FaceTime each other instead of using their current software (WebX) which you have to be sat at a console for. The programs they use currently for stock tend to freeze up a lot, and it forces employees to waste valuable time in tracking down another tool to use.

Other than that, this week our club manager has returned from vacation. I was supposed to spend majority of the week with her to make up for last week (which I was supposed to spend with her as well), but she moved her schedule and I have been unable to sit in with her. I intend to keep trying, because her position is the one I would like to see the most.


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