Week 1: The Delong Company

This is the start of my third week here at The Delong Company and I have to admit that I am loving it.  When I first came in I was shocked at all of the information being thrown at me because I really had no idea what I was getting into, having just completed my freshman year and never interning before.  As soon as I could, I jumped into the books and trading class they are having me take so that I did not get left behind.  After my first week of basically doing desk work and learning and taking in as much information as I could, they sent me for three days in a row to learn grain grading from some of the best graders in the business.  I soon realized that knowing the grades throughly is vital in the commodity trading field so that one knows how to handle the certain product he is handling.  I picked up the corn and beans very easily but wheat proved to be the difficult one.  I still do not know wheat very well and it is also tougher to learn because not many trucks are bringing in wheat this time of year so hands on experience is very limited.

The end of last week was a milestone for my short interning career.  I am starting to be given small amounts of corn and beans to practice trading with.  This requires me to make numerous phone calls to perennial customers and inform them of prices we are willing to deal at as well as continue a positive rep our with them.  Thankfully I have always been comfortable with talking to people on the phone and making them feel important, which is especially important in this business.  I have learned more and studied harder in the last two weeks than I thought I ever could and can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me.


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