Week 1 Zachary DeSimpelare

Two weeks ago I started working at Michigan Caterpillar where they put me in charge of quite a few important projects to work on throughout the course of the summer. This first project that I got mostly done already was to arrange a inventory yard layout that was efficient and customer friendly. I first attacked this project by getting the dimensions of the yard by measuring it out, then I took inventory of the yard to get the rough estimates of how many equipment they’ll have of each machine. Then I downloaded a CAD software program to create a layout; I then found out the length, width, height of most of the equipment in the yard and put it into the CAD program so that I could move the equipment around on it to find the most efficient yard layout. I’m still tweaking it day to day but it’s ready for the most part to actually move the machines and test out if it is more efficient than the yard layout currently. My boss just gave me a new project which I’m excited about because this will also have an impact on the franchise. He has given me the responsibility of logging in all of their inventory that they have logged in on paper to an excel doc so they can use it to filter and find inventory quicker than going through stacks of files. This project should take up a good portion of the next couple weeks I’d imagine. I’m excited to hopefully help my yard manager that I’ve become friends with these past two weeks become more efficient to make his job easier and quicker. If I can help him become more efficient than I’ll know I’m doing my job well and making an impact in the company.


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