Week 1: Meijer Retail Operation Internship

I am working this summer at Meijer. I have a Retail Operation Internship.

I will be working in Canton, MI at a retail store and also part-time in Grand Rapids at the Meijer Corporate Headquarters. My first week experience has gone well so far. I started my time a Meijer this week in Grand Rapids at headquarters. I went through an internship orientation with 101 other interns. In this orientation I got to hear many key leaders and executives speak. The president of Meijer, Rick Keyes spoke of to us about Meijer’s core values and also talked about how they are planning to move the company forward in future. We also got to listen to Michael Rotelle Senior Vice President of Human Resources who talked to us about new Human Resource initiatives and how they work to maintain their workforce. After hearing from these speakers we went on a tour of the corporate campus and were introduce to our First Assistants (Store Director) and District Managers of multiple regions of Meijer. In this program I am assigned a Store Director and a Mentor who will be helping me in any tasks that I need get completed. My Store Directors name is Pat Fuller and my Mentor is Clara Griffin who is the Line Manager of the Canton store. I feel these two individuals are going to be good mentors because they have a long history with the Meijer company and have a lot of experience. Overall I am excited about what the future of this internship holds and all I am going to learn in the coming weeks.


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