Week 1 – Service Express

Today I finished my three-day on boarding process at Service Express, Inc. My on boarding group included six other new hires besides myself, all in different departments. In the past three days we have learned so much about how the company operates as well as what the company vision is for both it’s customers as well as employees.

During our first day of on boarding we got to learn everything about the history of the company and how its got started, all the way to where they are at currently in their journey of growth. On our second day we got to learn the day-to-day activities of a service engineer, whose services are what our company sells. Taking a class about what these service managers need to know helped to get a better understanding of how the company works on the field level away from our corporate office. Day three consisted of numerous networking panels which brought in all the different departments of the company to tell us about what they do and how their departments work with ours.

The on boarding process of Service Express really prepares new hires to know exactly the kind of company they will be working for and educating us on what we will be doing before we even start training for out roles. This process really ensures that there are no surprises once we get into our jobs and prepares us for what we should expect while working for Service Express.


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